Delicious & Authentic
Chinese Cuisine

Golden Dragon Chinese cuisine is famously complemented With impressive panoramic views of Islamabad Mountains.
Enjoy an intimate lunch with friends, or savour an authentic Chinese meal at a sprawling family dinner with fantastic views of Islamabad. Located in the Round Market, Golden Dragon has been satisfying foodies and those new to Chinese cuisine for almost 41 years.

Elegance Meets Dining

Featuring Hakka elegance & sumptuous delights
An unforgettable dining experience At Golden Dragon Bahria, Rawalpindi

More than you can imagine

Providing you with pristine Chinese cuisine


Our Dumplings (Jiaozi) bring good fortune with smiles

It is no coincidence that in Chinese, the word for “family” (jia) is the same as the word for “home”; home is a central part of family life in China.

GD Beef Chilli Dry

Golden Dragon Beef Chilli Dry Invigorating all Senses

Our mouth watering and invigorating Beef Chilli Dry is sensual for all the taste buds. It is fragrant & spicy giving aroma to all the senses.




A favourite among locals and visitors, Golden Dragon Chinese Cuisine has been delighting guests with their mouthwatering dumplings and authentic Chinese dishes for almost 41 years. Pakistani politicians, athletes and celebrities have

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GD Ramadan 2018

The beautiful and holy month of Ramadan in the year 2018 will bring lots of peace and harmony for all
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Golden Dragon Catering

Catering Services

Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant Catering Services For all Your Special Events & Occasions in Islamabad & Rawalpindi.   Whether you’re
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