A man build a complicated piece of mechanism, or pilot a steamboat, but not more than five out of ten know how the apple got into the dumpling. Edward A. Boyden

At Golden Dragon we know exactly how the apple got into the dumpling!

It all begins with Zhang Zhongjing, the man from Chinese history known as the ‘Medicine Saint.’ He lived during the Eastern Han Dynasty 1800 years ago.  Zhang noticed that winters was making most people in is village sick. So he decided to wrap mutton, chili and some herbs dough skin. The ingredients were just right warm the people. Dumplings were originally called ‘Jiao’er’ for its shape, and later slowly became Jiaozi.

Jiaozi at Golden dragon is served steamed or fried. Made with fresh wrappers and eaten straight out of the wok, the perfect fried dumpling has a golden brown, crispy fried bottom with a skin that’s springy and chewy.


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